New generation Triatan 
Triarca offers a series of unique Triatan potting products supplied as a sealed pack ‘mix and apply’ system, offering solutions for cable joints and repairs within communications, low and high voltage electrical networks (up to 1 kV), multimedia, telecoms, utilities etc. Triatan products cater for applications above ground level, buried or even submerged in water - it can also be used for isolation and protection of electric and electronic parts and joints. 

Triatan is a 2-component polyurethane-based potting compound. The resin or ‘A’ - component contains a mineral filler giving the material fire-retardant properties. It does not contain any halogenating fire-inhibitors and is an elastic compound in hardened condition. The new Triatan generation is specially designed for cable joints up to 1kV. It has good anti corrosion properties and shows a good adhesion to metal, ceramics and many different plastics and can be utilized on all plastic- and paper isolated types of cable. 

• High resistance against UV, chemicals and earth alkalines 
• High hydrolysis resistance 
• No halogens and plasticizers 
• Good visibility of the mixing process through the transparent packaging 
• High impact-resistance 
• Low curing temperature 
• No toxic emission 
• Good adhesion to all cable materials 
• Recommended operating temperature between 0°C and +35°C 
• Storage temperature between +10°C and +35°C, short term between -10°C and +50°C 
• Excellent curing characteristics