Class I Enclosures

The Triarca' Class I enclosures for power distribution are designed especially for the Swedish market. They are made from stainless or Sendzimir galvanised steel and covered with a polyester coat in RAL 7037 Grey or Standard Green as the standard colour. Additionally other RAL colours can be purchased as well as Anti-Graffiti or Anti-Stick.

All class I enclosures come with an integrated 4-conductor busbar system with IP20 protection. We also offer special locking-/marking systems developed for the Scandinavian Market. 

The new polyester surface treatment that we can offer for our class I street enclosures, secures an easy removal of graffiti, while the metal surface remains optimally protected. Thus securing the life expectancy of the enclosure with a clean surface. The Anti-Graffiti treatment is particularly appealing in exposed areas such as town centres and educational areas. The cabinets are surface treated with a unique polyester powder that provides the street enclosures with a smooth and polished surface. 

The Triarca’ Anti-Stick treatment prevents any adhesive materials from sticking to the street enclosures, thereby ensuring an easy removal of such materials. We can provide this surface treatment on all class I enclosures that are made from galvanised steel, stainless steel or aluminium. The cabinets are surface treated with a polyester powder of 80 μm standard in the desired colour. Then an extra colourless powder is applied that provides a rough and sandy surface, which hinders any long-term adhesion of posters and stickers. The additional layer of surface treatment has a depth of 50-60 μm. Our Anti-Stick treatment can be applied to all of our street enclosures with a polyester coat (class I). Please note that if a special colour of cabinet is chosen, delivery time may be extended.