Underground Cabinet

Our underground cabinets are designed especially for, when choosing an installation for the public domain, the keywords are aesthetics, functionality and durability. The underground cabinets can be used for various purposes such as CEE plugs, meters, automation, gas or water.
Triarca have manufactured customised underground cabinets since 2006, and over time we have created a unique design that provides the underground cabinets with many fine features:

• Smooth surface that completely merges into the surroundings
• Solid design that averts vandalism
• Air chamber that waterproofs the unit without gaskets
• Minimal costs for installation and maintenance

A robust design is necessary to make the underground cabinet simple and operational. The main part of the underground cabinet is made from stainless steel. The carefully chosen robust construction makes the underground cabinet well protected against vandalism, rust as well as the effects of road traffic. The units meet the applicable safety norms including the European traffic norm EN124, which defines the load classes for manholes on streets and sidewalks. Covers that are suitable for virtually all types of paving can be supplied as well. 

Air Chambers
Almost all of our underground cabinets have a hermetically sealed chamber that is open only on the underside. If the water rises in the chamber, an air bubble will form thus ensuring that the equipment remains free of water and even providing protection in periods of flooding. The air chamber is based on Boyle’s Law, which is a law of nature, and as a result it does not require gaskets or maintenance. Because of this, the underground cabinet does not need a sewer connection, which further reduces the costs of installation.

Low Operating Costs
Using an underground cabinet from Triarca makes it possible to place Your electric equipment exactly, where the need for energy and automation exists. The unique design and solid construction ensures that the operating costs are kept at an absolute minimum. Furthermore Triarca offers a range of underground cabinets to be connected directly to the utility company’s network and possibly be supplemented with meters. Thereby eliminating the need for separate enclosures or panels.