Enclosure Orion

The Triarca' Orion series is a climate-controlled enclosure solution that provides total climate control at 40 dB(A) with a dry, dust-free environment and condensation-free operating temperature inside the enclosure. The Orion series is built to IP65/IK10 and comes in 8 standard sizes for the protection of sensitive active equipment in FTTx, telecoms, CATV and other communication/multimedia networks.  

• Save upfront CAPEX - Orion’s modular design allows scalable solutions to be created by adding extra cabinets or cooling units onsite once service demand increases. 
• Minimize OPEX - Orion’s climate control unit options can be utilised in different combinations so the following is achieved:
- low power consumption
- longer lifetime/lower costs of running active cooling units in tandem with cooling fans
• Create adaptable solutions - with our wide range of accessories and spare parts for installation and ongoing support.
• Improved vandalism resistance - for optimal protection via optional specification upgrades. 
• Stable internal temperature - and hence reduced service down-time. The double skinned construction with built-in ‘chimney effect’ means less cooling is required, compared to a single walled product.

The Orion enclosure comes ready-to-go with an integrated base/plinth to mount on a prepared concrete or similar solid foundation. The built-in cable/duct access plate allows you to connect to your equipment quickly and provides secure protection for your installation.  
The in-ground root is prepared for the installation of a battery tray. When mounting the enclosure the integrated plinth cover can, when removed, provide easy access to cables and other equipment in the root.